Mobile and Tablet Development

We are a bunch of people with lots and lots of experience developing websites and a few years now developing apps in other companies.

We are so good, we decided to join forces and leave our respective companies to develop apps on our own. We´ve just started but we hope you like our apps.

pirate battleship

A funny farm where children will enjoy many classic games that keep being everyone's favorites.

Whack-a-mole, Simon Says, Memory Pairs, Harvest Time

Games with a simple and intuitive user interface that will help kids to have fun, learn and improve their focus and memory skills.

pirate battleship

Featured in Sony selectApps

Adventures on the seven seas!.
Face mythic pirates and masters of the oceans. Travel through history defeating the toughest sailors ever, to obtain glory and fortune in this pirate themed version of the classic battleship games.

Quick game and campaign mode with special skills!